Our Vaccination Service Goals

Support the improvement of vaccine utilization rates across the country

Shape an enhanced role for pharmacists as immunization educators and administrators

Reduce the cost of vaccinations to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health and promote diseases prevention

We at Nahdi provide immunization services as well as vaccination awareness and education programs and provide them within our range of services to help improve immunization rates throughout the Kingdom under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

In our efforts to prevent disease as part of our range of services, and through our sustainability plan, providing these additional facilities is our next step in this area. Through our team of highly qualified pharmacists in our pharmacies throughout the Kingdom, we have the ability to deliver these services in the most cost-effective and cost effective way.

As part of our contribution to improving the public health culture, we will be working to raise awareness of the importance of the need for vaccinations as well as the potential risks to some patients. Patients' concerns about vaccine safety, efficacy and treatment will be discussed, as well as the provision of disease prevention for people at risk of influenza and other diseases who need our help.

Health Educational Clinics Locations

Our staff welcomes you in our Health educational clinics from 12pm to 9pm every day except Friday. Please choose your city to find a clinic near you:

Faisalayah Dist - Emam Abdulaziz St.

Riyadh, Mohamadeya District, Takhasosy street

Ash Shafaa Rd, Umm Alarad

Saad Ibn Abi Waqas, An Nasim Al Gharbi

Khurais Road, Al Rayan

Ibn Taymeeyah Rd, Badr

King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Quds

Aslam Ibn Umairah, Al Wahah

Al Ameen Abdullah Al Ali Al Naeem Street, Al Malaz

King Fahd Branch Rd, As Sahafah

Ibn Hajar, Ad Dar Al Baida

Hamzah Ibn Abdul Muttalib, As Suwaidi Al Gharabi

Jabal Ali, Ghirnatah

Abu Bakr Alsiddiq St, Badr

Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al Rawdah

King Fahd Rd, البديع

King Abdul Aziz Rd, Thirah

King Khalid Branch Rd

Fanateer, facing The Galleria Mall

King Fahd Rd, Al Khobar Al Janubiyah

King Fahd Rd, Ar Rayyan

King Abdullah Road, Al Aridh


Al Qadisiyyah

Al Mousa

King Fahd Rd

Abu Bakr As Siddiq Rd, Al Muhammadiyah

King Khaled Rd, Qara

Zamil Abdullah Al Suleim, Ar Rayan

King Abdul Aziz Rd

king Fahd cross Jeddah Rd, Yanbu Al Sinaiyah

Uhud Rd, Ash Shahba

King Fahd Rd, Al Ulaya


Arafat cross Al Madinah Al Munawarah Rd, AlHamra'a

Abruq Ar Rughamah

Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Branch Rd, Al Rawdah


Al matar, Al Kandarah

Madain Al Fahd

Umm Al Qura cross Ibn Ad Daminah, As Safa

Saleh Bin Ibrahim Alzohri, Al Samer

If you have, any health related inquiries or need any medical assistance, our HCP are available to answer your queries on 8001191198.

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