Stop flu before it stops you

Stay Protected and get the flu vaccine in Nahdi pharmacies

Getting the flu shot is more important than ever during 2020-2021 to protect yourself, your family, and your community from the seasonal influenza virus.

To whom is the seasonal flu vaccination recommended?

The seasonal flu vaccination is recommended for people starting from six months  and older, with rare exceptions, since the influenza vaccine reduces the chances of contracting an illness and incidences of death.

To whom is the Doctors advise people with high risk of developing any form of complications associated with the influenza to take the vaccine, and those are:

-Diabetic patients

-stroke & Heart Disease Patients

-Adults of 65 year and above 

-Asthma patients

-kidney Failure patient 

-pregnant Woman 

-children above 6 months

-Immune deficiency patient 

Fact or Myth

Seasonal flu vaccination prevents getting infected with COVID 19 

No, the seasonal flu vaccine will only prevent you from getting the seasonal flu virus which is a different strain of virus than that of Covid19

A pregnant woman cannot get the flu vaccination

The flu vaccination helps protect a woman during and after pregnancy

I might get the flu from the vaccine itself

The seasonal flu vaccine cannot cause sickness because the vaccine contains an inactive virus. This means the virus does not have the ability to cause sickness


Who's allowed to get the flu vaccination?

Is it possible to catch the flu despite taking my vaccination this year?

Does the flu vaccination cause any side effects?

What is the difference between the flu and the common cold?

Are there people who should not receive the flu shot?

Health Educational Clinics Locations

Our staff welcomes you to our Health educational clinics from 12 PM till  9 PM every day except Friday. Please choose your city to find a clinic near you:

Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Branch Rd, Al Rawdah (1239)

Al Qadisiyyah (5036)

Buridah ,Aliskan , Omar ibn Alkhattab street (7720)

Alhazmi Dist., Alriyadh st. (9105)

King Fahd Rd - Jazan (8628)

Alsanabel St. - Alsanabel Dist. (7821)

Abruq Ar Rughamah (1002)

Umm Al Qura cross Ibn Ad Daminah, As Safa (1089)

Alshatie dist., Alkorneish rd., Alquartz building (1258)


Bahlas - Alnaseem / Old Airport dist. (1008)

Imam Albukhary with Ibn Majah St.- Aldefa' dist. (3076)

Sultan sq. Prince Sultan St. - Albasateen dist. (7823)

Abu Bakr As Siddiq Rd, Al Muhammadiyah (8200)

King Khalid Branch Rd (9812)

Zamil Abdullah Al Suleim, Ar Rayan (8810)

King Abdul Aziz Rd - Muhayil (6014)

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Rd, Alzaidy dist (2059)

Al Masjid Al Haram Rd, Al Azizyah Alaam st (2015)

Alhamraa district, King Abdullah road (4080)

Aluraija, Prince mosaed bin Abdulrahman st. (4025)

Alzahabi st., Towaiq Dist. (7458)

King Fahd Branch Rd, As Sahafah (4013)

Khurais Road, Al Rayan (7781)

Alkhaldiya center, Alkhaldiya Dist. (7467)

Ash Shafaa Rd, Umm Alarad (2512)

Uhud Rd, Ash Shahba (5030)

If you have, any health related inquiries or need any medical assistance, our HCP are available to answer your queries on 920024673.

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