The Compensation & Nomination Committee

The Compensation & Nomination Committee focuses on a few strategic areas as per the mission assigned to it by the Board of Directors:

  • Review the Board of Directors’ (BoD) membership regularly as it aims to have the right skills and diversity.
  • Define compensation policies to the BoD, CNC and Audit Committees.
  • Monitor the overall Company’s compensation benefits policies and schemes with an aim to keep NMC competitive with the market. It should enable:
    • NMC to attract and retain the best talents.
    • Monitor the succession plans to ensure the sustainability of the company’s operations and the willingness of the team for future strategic assignments.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Madhoun

Board Member

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee plays a responsible role to assist Nahdi’s board of directors in fulfilling the oversight responsibilities for the integrity of the company’s financial statement, the company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirement, the performance of the company’s internal audit function and independent auditors.

Wael Eid

Chairman of Audit & Risk Committee

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Abubaker Bagabir

Member – Audit & Risk Committee

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Mazen Al Sharfan

NMC Internal Audit Director

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