Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development and Al Nahdi Medical Company Sign Multi-Faceted Nationalization Agreement

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  • The agreement will create jobs for Saudis in the pharmaceutical sector
  • It was signed at the Mecca Region branch of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development
  • It is aligned with the goals of the National Transformation Program and Saudi Vision 2030

In keeping with its active role in serving the Kingdom and its people, and driven by its robust strategy, the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development has signed an agreement with Nahdi Medical Company to nationalize jobs in the pharmaceutical sector. The agreement seeks to find job opportunities for young Saudi men and women in the sector after developing and qualifying them through training courses offered by Nahdi Academy.

The agreement was signed by the Director of the Ministry in the Mecca region, Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Tawi, and Dr. Youssef Al-Harthi, on behalf of Nahdi Medical Company’s CEO, Eng. Yasser Joharji. The agreement, which is aligned with Nahdi’s strategy and Saudi Vision 2030, seeks to expand Nahdi’s community health services in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Development. It will further develop the private sector contribution to the Saudi Nationalization Scheme by creating real and sustainable career opportunities for Saudi youth, preparing them to assume critical roles in the social and cultural progress taking place in the Kingdom.

The strategic partnership between the Ministry and Nahdi Medical Company seeks to create new job opportunities for Saudi men and women in the pharmaceutical sector. The company will also deepen coordinating with universities across the Kingdom to allow pharmacy students to provide internship and practical training in pharmacies, according to the training plan adopted by Saudi universities through the Jusoor Scholarship Program.

Commenting on the significance of the agreement in supporting the Saudi National Transformation Program, Eng. Yasser Joharji said: “We are committed to building a sustainable work environment that benefits our citizens and society, and we seek to achieve true partnership between the public and private sectors to support and enable Saudi’s youth of both genders, and create new opportunities for nationalization.”

“This is one of the most important initiatives we have signed in the spirit of Saudi Vision 2030, as it paves the way for a true and effective partnership between key stakeholders in the community,” added Joharji.

Dr. Al Tawi said the move was one of several initiatives the Ministry of Labour and Social Development had taken to increase job nationalization in the private sector, improve and develop the job market, and enable Saudi men and women to raise their level of participation in the progress taking place in the Kingdom in suitable, appropriate and stable work environments.

“Through this agreement, we seek to support nationalization in the private sector across various regions of the Kingdom and raise the level of the national workers in the job market by establishing active partnerships with the private sector” concluded Al Tawi.


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