Why You Need A Special Intimate Wash

Why You Need A Special Intimate Wash Like Canseten Sensicare

The skin of the female intimate area is very sensitive, and its pH of 5 is acidic like the pH of other parts of the body. The low pH is important to keep the protective microbial flora in balance.

Normal shower gels often have a natural pH (pH=7) and soap is even alkaline (pH above 7); a high pH can disturb the protective flora. Many women occasionally experience irritations or itch of their intimate zone and hence feel uncomfortable. Those irritations may have different causes such as using shower gels or soap with a too high pH, wearing tight or synthetic clothing, but also menstruation and hormonal imbalance. If the acidic skin barrier is not intact, the natural protection against fungal infections is not given.

What is special about “Sensicare” Wash?

Sensicare Wash has been specially developed to gently clean the delicate skin of the feminine intimate zone and to care and protect it. It contains a mixture of very mild surfactants which keeps you feeling fresh without discomfort or irritation.

Its lactic acid containing formula (pH 5) protects your natural acidic skin barrier and keeps your microbial flora in balance. Its components Lipids, Glycine, ProVitamin B% and Lotus Extract contribute to a healthy skin barrier and help to sooth itch and irritations.

If you suffer from thrush and get medical treatment, use Sensicare Wash as an adjuvant for your daily hygiene.


You feel fresh and clean all day. Tests under dermatologist and gynaecologist supervision confirm that Sensicare is well tolerated and hypoallergenic.


How do I use “Sensicare” Wash?

Use as part of your daily hygiene routine. Use as a liquid soap for intimate external cleansing, lather and rinse with water.


Available as:

Gel Wash, 200 ml.

Intimate Mousse Wash 150 ml.

Intimate Wipes, pack of 10.

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