Revive Your Skin with Payot Complete Skin Care Range

Payot Complete Skin Care Range

PAYOT is a cosmetic brand with an international reputation, born in 1920 from the extraordinary vision of one woman: Nadia Payot. Ahead of her time, she became one of the first female doctors. Nadia Payot was deeply involved in the women’s rights movement and demonstrated her commitment to using her medical, scientific and herbal expertise in the skincare products she developed early in her career.



Your skin is put to the test every day: pollution, sun exposure and make-up suffocate your skin. It’s as if it were suffocated. To liberate it, let it breathe and oxygenate it at night, deep cleansing is essential. It’s the first beauty care step. Try Payot's Micellar Water Express & Toning Lotion Make-Up Removal for a fresh clean skin. 


Beautiful skin is distinguished by a fresh and luminous complexion. Fatigued and stressed, the epidermis rapidly turns dull. MY PAYOT skincare boosts the skin’s radiance and restores its vitality and freshness. A complete beauty care ritual for skin brimming with health.


A purifying anti-imperfections range dedicated to combination to oily skin, which inherits the effectiveness of the legendary PÂTE GRISE. With its “doctor” products inspired by cosmeceuticals, the PÂTE GRISE line combines effectiveness with sensoriality. An iron fist in a velvet glove!



Because a perfect complexion is the key to absolute beauty, PAYOT Laboratories have developed UNI SKIN. Inspired by a ground-breaking scientific discovery on epigenetics, the products with their unique textures provide a global solution to women of all ages, with all skin types and tones: the complexion is unified, harmonious, luminous; all imperfections are corrected; the skin’s original radiance is restored and appears visibly younger.


As the years pass, the pigmentation process becomes less effective. Melanocytes multiply to excess and produce a much greater amount of melanin which leads to pigmentation spots. ABSOLUTE PURE WHITE helps visibly even out the complexion, making it more luminous and pure.


Because hydration is our top priority, it is essential to take care of your body and choose the right beauty essentials like Payot's HYDRA Body Lotion. 


Treat yourself to a complete care ritual with extracts of green tea and bamboo to hydrate, protect and invigorate the whole body. Its light fragrance vanishes into the skin like a breath of fresh air and energy.


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