Argan oil the golden liquid

Argan oil the golden liquid

It is known as “the golden liquid” due to its golden colour and priceless benefits. Argan oil is extracted from the Argan kernels taken from the fruits of Argan trees that grows in the southern region of Morocco. Scientific research have shown excellent results of Argan oil due to the high level of vitamin E and fatty acids of which 80% unsaturated.  The following are some of its benefits:

Moisturises the skin with high efficiency:

Argan oil contain the most important vitamins for making the skin vibrant. This golden liquid is considered to be one of the best oils for skin and hair due to its ability to penetrate the skin without leaving any greasy feeling on the skin. This is what makes it efficient moisturising the skin. It is also safe on children skin.

To get the best results you need to wash the skin first, then add few drops to your skin and gently spread it to cover all the targeted skin area. You shall be surprised how fast the skin absorbs the magical Argan oil with no trace of any oily residue. 

Hides wrinkles:

Wrinkles appears as you grow older and the best treatment to hide it is using Argan oil for its fast absorption, filling and skin lifting effect. All you have to do is to apply it on your face and nick before bedtime. 

Nourishes and treats the hair:

Argan oil has special treatment qualities that revitalise the hair. To get the best results you need to apply a generous amount of the oil on the scalp and all the hair with more focus on the hair ends. Massage the scalp gently wrap it with a towel and leave it overnight. Wash it with lukewarm water in the morning then dry it with a towel and leave it in the open air to dry completely. You will be surprised that your hair vitality has come back and it looks soft and shiny.

Argan oil is used to moisturise and nourish the hair in general but also it is strongly recommended to be used as a protection from heat damages specially when using the hair dryer. Apply little amount of Argan oil to your hair and to your scalp prior to using the hair dryer.

Argan oil also help in untangling the dry hair which is usually hard to brush. By just adding little portion of the Argan oil to the hair with gentle massage the hair becomes easy to brush again and for all day long 

Treats heels cracks and aid nails growth:

Argan oil shows excellent results when it is applied heavily to the cracked heel. Add a generous portion of the oil to the cracked heel, massage it well, put socks on and leave it overnight.

Argan oil is also good for growing healthy nails especially when it is massaged on the nails roots. 

Helps in heeling skin stretch marks of pregnant women:

Argan oil can be added to most cosmetics products such as soaps, shampoos, creams and conditioners to boost its effectiveness. It is also used to heel stretch marks during and after pregnancy with high efficiency and great results.

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