Hair washing mistakes we didn't know we were making

Hair washing mistakes we didn't know we were making

Many people may take hair washing for granted and think all it takes is just applying shampoo to wet hair, massage it to make a lather and then wash it away. This way of washing hair may seem error free, but in fact we make many mistakes while washing our hair without knowing or recognise that we are putting our hair at risk. Hair experts identified many wrong practices that people adopt while washing their hair and consider them as serious reasons for hair dryness and hair fall. So what are those mistakes?

  • Brushing the hair during the shower: brushing the hair during the shower when it is wet is a big mistake due to the fact that wet hair would be in its weakest status and attempting to untangle it by forcing the brush through would make it fall. That is why hair experts consider this wrong practice as one of the main reasons behind hair loss. Therefore, experts strongly advise to brush the hair prior to showering. This would be safer for untangling the hair and make washing easier.
  • Washing the hair not the scalp: Many people apply the shampoo to the hair and work on cleaning it and pay no attention to cleaning the scalp which is considered by hair experts as another serious mistake. Hair health starts with healthy scalp, that is to say, scalp cleansing has a priority over hair. Therefore, shampoo should be applied to the scalp to wash it well first then to start washing the hair.
  • Applying the conditioner to the scalp: Unlike with shampoo conditioner should not touch the scalp at all as this would make oils penetrate the hair in excessive amounts that which would makes it greasy and appear to be unhealthy. Thus, hair experts advise to apply the hair conditioner to the ends of the hair where it is needed the most.
  • Wrong hair rinsing: Washing the hair without making sure that the shampoo is removed completely is one the wrong practices that puts your hair health at a serious risk. Shampoo continues to damage the hair after finishing with showering if it remains there. That is why it must be removed completely until you feel the hair squeaky while moving your fingers through it. In addition, it is also recommended to choose an easy to rinse shampoo as most of the shampoos are not easy to wash away due to having some unhealthy ingredients added just to make a thicker lather.
  • Using hot water for hair washing: Although, hot water makes the showering experience pleasurable, experts advise not to use it because it is harmful to the hair and the scalp. Hot water removes most of the natural hair oils and makes it dry. Therefore, experts insist on using cold or lukewarm water only to protect the hair.
  • Washing the hair daily: Using shampoo every day to wash the hair removes its natural oils completely and makes it dry and unhealthy. Therefore, experts advise to reduce the number of times the hair is washed to keep it healthy.

Strong hair drying with a towel: rubbing the hair strongly with a towel to dry it up tangles the hair and cause breakage. Thus, experts advise to wrap the hair with a towel and tap gently on it to dry the hair.

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