How to take care of different types of hair

Here are some excellent tips to keep your greasy hair healthy and beautiful:

How to take care of your greasy hair:

  • Greasy hair needs regular washing to get rid of the excess amount of grease, as well as all dirt and dusts that may have accumulated on it during the day which makes it look bad and make you depressed about it. So to remove such unwanted extra grease and dirt without affecting your hair health you are advised to wash it three to four time per week.
  • Use shampoos formulated for greasy hair especially those which contain lemon or eggs to remove excess grease in a healthy way and to prevent it from getting accumulated again. This would keep your hair clean for longer period and reduces the risk of attracting dust and particles which makes look bad. It is also advised to wash your hair with one litre of water mixed with one table spoon of fresh lemon juice.
  • Following a suitable diet would reduce the amount of grease that the scalp produces. Therefore, those who have greasy hair are advised to limit their consumption of certain types of food that increase the production of grease such as chilli, spices, chocolate and hot drinks.
  • It is easy to excite the greasy scalp and motivate it to discharge excess amounts of grease, therefore, it is recommended not attempt to excite it while brushing and that is by making gentle movements and avoiding fast or strong brushing actions as this would activate grease secretion.

How to take care of dry hair:

  • Unlike the case with greasy hair it is actually advised to limit the number of times dry hair is washed to prevent losing the remaining of the little amounts of grease it contains. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it only for one time per week.
  • Chose top quality types of shampoos formulated especially to suit the dry hair the best of which would contain glycerine, olive oil and lanolin. And totally avoid using soap especially the low quality type, as usually soap cause dryness to the hair in general and low quality soap would also cause damages to the hair.
  • Massaging the scalp of a dry hair either during the shower or brushing is a very important and essential practice to care for a dry hair simply because it increases blood circulation in the scalp which enable better blood flow to the sebaceous glands to activate them and increase their grease secretion.
  • It is also advised to complement the decrease of hair natural oils by applying oil bath to dry hair. Although oil bath is one of the oldest hair care therapies for dry hair, to date it is still found the most effective. The process involves massaging the scalp with one of the natural oils such as olive oil, corn oil or almond oil after washing the hair, then wrapping the hair with warm towel for half hour. In addition, and contrary to the common belief that olive oil is the most beneficial to hair, corn oil has proven a greater ability to penetrate the structure of the hair strand. Therefore, it is preferable to use corn oil when making an oil bath to dry hair.

How to take care of normal hair:

Some people may believe that normal hair in general does not need any special care. On the contrary normal hair needs regular care because it can easily become a dry hair and be subject to hair fall if it is neglected or dealt with inappropriately.

  • The most vital advice to care for normal hair is not to wash it frequently as this would be the fastest way to convert it into a dry hair.
  • It is also advised to avoid using soap especially the low quality ones, instead use natural shampoos with herbal ingredients.
  • It is also recommended not to expose normal hair to direct sun rays for long time especially during the summer.
  • It is also recommended to use nutritional and moisturising cosmetics from time to time.

How to take care of dyed hair:

  • Refrain from using oil altogether on dyed hair as oil works on removing the dyed colour and react with the dye components in undesirable way leading to hair roughness and noticeable colour fading out.
  • Chose only the shampoos that are designed for dyed hair. And select the best ones which are gentle and effective moisturiser.
  • Wash your hair first and wait for one to two days prior to dying your hair. This would give it a good chance to regain its natural oils that help in absorbing the hair dye more effectively and keep it for longer period.
  • Do not wash your hair after dying it for two to three days then apply the highlight to assure fixing the colour.
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water as it weakens your hair and make it lose its colour so quickly. Instead, use only cold or lukewarm water.
  • Reduce the number of times you wash your hair as it loses colour with every hair wash especially if it was red or one of the dark colours.
  • Reduce its exposure to heat from your hair iron or hair dryer to protect its colour and to maintain its health in general and let it dry in open air.
  • In case you are obliged to use the hair dryer or hair iron protect your hair by applying heat resistant hair spray or any of the other heat protection cosmetics for hair.
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