How to protect your scalp for ideal health for your hair

Massage your scalp

  • Massaging nourishes your head scalp with oils and prevents any cracks or drought without using any shampoos disturbing chemicals.
  • Increases blood circulation for your head and the nick area.
  • Relaxes your scalp and makes it supple and flexible.
  • Strengthening your hair roots and nourishes hair shaft.
  • Keep the hair from damage factors of the sun or harsh weather.
  • Massaging removes any feeling of pain from your head and gets rid of your headache.
  • Increases the production of hormones of happiness and removing the tension.
  • It is preferable to use one of the nourishing oils during the message process, the best of which is the original organic extra version olive oil.


Steps to do hot oil message:

  • Put oil in a pot then heat it by placing it in hot water.
  • Before massaging brush your hair well with a wide spaced pins brush that has rounded pins’ heads. Lean forward while doing so to aid increasing blood circulation to your head.
  • Bend your head downward slide your fingers quickly while applying some pressure starting from the roots till the ends.
  • Raise your head upward then put your fingers on the sides of your head above your forefront the start moving your fingers (not your nails) on your scalp toward the back of your head.
  • Place your fingers on any place on your head by making your hand in the shape of a cat hand and start massaging with your figure repeat the process on many other places on your head.
  • Move your fingers in a circular motion on the back of your head and at the line of your hair edge and move those down till the shoulders to aid removing tension and relaxing mussel tissues.
  • Place your fingers on the top of your forehead then move your hand in opposite direction to the other.
  • Gather your hair and bring it upward and to either of the sides of your head while holding it by both of your hands then collect the hair and pull it slightly until you feel your hair being pulled in your scalp, repeat this by changing the direction to the other side.
  • Apply some oil to the rest of your hair until you reach the hair ends.
  • Cover your entire scalp from the area of the ears till the back of your nick.
  • Leave the oil on the scalp 30 – 60 minutes or more if you can.
  • If you want you can immerse a towel in a hot water bath then place it on your hair after the massage session to make it suppler and more beautiful then wash your hair with a suitable natural shampoo.


What are the beneficial oils to your hair and what are their benefits?

Most famous and beneficial oils that has been widely tested and shown hundred percent excellent results: First, we start with the nourishing oils for general use for strong and weak hair (Almond Oil + Acero Oil + Olive Oil + Pine Oil).

Second, stimulant hair oils which can also strengthen hair roots and follicles (Chamomile Oil + Garlic Oil + Flax Oil + Aloe Vera Oil + Horseradish Oil + Onion seeds Oil).

Third, oils for hair breakage treatment (Olive Oil + Aloe Vera Oil + Horseradish Oil).

Fourth, oils for complete dandruff treatment (Black seed Oil + Flax Oil + Al-Rashad Seed oil + The Seder Oil + Aloe Vera Oil + Sara Oil).

Fifth, Interactive oils for increasing hair length quickly and stimulation (Castor Oil + Um Aljadayel Oil + Manayr Oil + Sara Oil + Seder Oil + Coconut Oil + Chamomile Oil + Garlic Oil).

Sixth, non-hereditary baldness bure oil (Onion seeds Oil) A useful oil to tighten skin and face lifting prevents early wrinkles and opens clogged pores.


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