Hair Care During Shower

Hair Care During Shower

Clean and healthy hair is the result of proper nutrition and the right washing methods.

We wash our hair for various reasons including; to keep it clean, to get rid of foul smells that may accumulate during the day, to cleanse the scalp and to make it easier to comp.

Hair washing method:

Those who have greasy hair are adviced to lather the shampoo to a thick foam and apply it to the hair when it is still dry then washing it after giving it a good massage. Washing your hair on a daily basis does not cause hair loss.

Shampoo balsam ratio:

Hair stylists are advised to wash the hair twice with a shampoo and once with conditioner or hair balsam. The aim of the first wash is to get rid of any dirt or particles that are accumulated in the hair. The second wash is to shine your hair while the last wash with balsam aims to give it the softness it needs.

Those who do not use styling products such as wax, moisturiser cream, hair gel, mousse and other products can do with only one hair wash with shampoo and one with hair balsam. It is important to note that balsam can only be applied from the roots to the ends of the hair strands and what remain of it on your fingertips can be used to a delicate massage to your scalp.  

Do not wash your hair vigorously:

The ideal way to wash your hair is by gently massaging the shampoo in a circular motion deeply towards the scalp in a delicate and soft manner and not vigorously. Sharp and fast movements may also generate tangles during the washing session. Rub the scalp and the hair gently towards its ends and rinse it thoroughly.

For those who have curly hair

Some of the specialists advise those who have curly hair to use balsam and abandon the use of shampoo altogether. This may sound strange but somehow it makes sense and hence, worth trying!

Hot or cold water?

The answer lukewarm water. Too hot water may harm your scalp and cause burns while cold water may not clean your hair properly.

Itchy scalp after showering

This may happen due to a number of reasons: The shampoo or conditioner may be not suitable for your type of scalp’s skin. Also some of the ingredients of such cosmetics may not suite you or even cause allergy to your skin. In addition, excessive use of balsam for long period of time allow balsam to touch the scalp and cause irritation. Balsam is for hair only and it is strongly advised to keep it away from hair roots if it makes it itchy. It is also advised to change your shampoo and conditioner to see if itchiness syndrome disappears.

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