Effective advises for hair loss treatment

Effective advises for hair loss treatment

It is natural to lose 70 hair strands every day, but if you noticed that you are hair loss exceeds this limit then you need to the reason for that so you may prevent its effect on your beauty. There are many reasons for hair loss including malnutrition or wrong hairdressing practices, using unsuitable hair brush and sometimes your Psychological health can affect your hair. Therefore, follow the following advises to treat your hair loss.

Your diet:

Beauty experts confirm that your diet plays an essential role for your hair health and vitality. Make sure your diet contain sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins as the lack of those important elements lead to hair loss. Also if you were on a diet it could be the main reason for your hair loss. Therefore, you need to consult your medical doctor to identify the missing elements that are affecting your hair beauty. So you may be able to treat your hair loss easily.

Stress and psychological health:

Did you know that increasing tension leads to hair loss? If you have too much of work pressure or family problems then you have to find an effective way to release the negative energy stored in your body to prevent its negative effect on your hair. Therefore, you are advised to the gym to get the ideal shape and to contribute considerably to your hair loss treatment due to the psychological comfort and the good feeling it will give you.

Scalp massage:

One of the important things that provide treatment to hair loss is to massage your scalp well with your own hands every time you wash your hair. This is to increase blood circulation and to get rid of dandruff which may cause hair loss. Also consider natural oils such as coconut oil and olive oil leave them on your hair for one to two hours then rinse it with water.

Nutritional supplement:

Did you know that taking nutritional supplement tablets on a daily basis contributes greatly to treating your hair loss problem? This is why you need to take tablets that contain iron, zinc, protein, gelatine, vitamin B6 and B12 and vitamin D, in addition to your healthy nutritional diet and you shall get surprised by the difference in just few days.


Water is considered to be one of the effective treatments for the hair loss problem. Drinking sufficient amounts of water hydrates the skin and promotes the health of the scalp and therefore protect the hair form falling. Keep away from soft drinks because they reduce your immunity and cause your hair to fall.

 General advises:

  • Do not dye your hair more than two times per year as making your hair get exposed to excessive amounts of chemicals makes it fall.
  • If you use hair gel or hairspray do not wait until it dries up and then start to brush your hair. This would damage your hair and cause hair breakage.
  • Make sure to use wide spaced hair pins when you brush your hair. Also be careful not to pull your hair strongly in order to untangle it this would cause it to fall too.
  • Avoid exposing your hair to heat for long time by using the hair iron or the hair dryer because this would damage your hair and makes it fall.

If you follow those simple advises you would be offering your hair the best treatment for hair loss.

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