Preserve your hair colour for the longest possible period

Preserve your hair colour for the longest possible period

Often you feel down shortly after you dye your hair and that largely is due to the colour fading that makes it appear at the end of its life. However, you can keep your hair colour for long period just by following some of our essential advices. Here are the advices that will help you enjoy a healthy and shining hair colour for the longest possible period.

Chose a dye colour close to the original colour of your hair:

The first step to maintain the health and shininess of your dyed hair colour for the longest period is to choose a hair dye close to your original hair colour two or three degrees lighter or darker than your hair colour.

But if you decided to take a brave adventure and dye your hair with a completely different colour you need to be prepared and armed with a powerful protection programme to keep the new colour. You also need to dye the roots every time the original colour appear because it will too different from the newly dyed hair.

Use a good shampoo:

Use good shampoos and avoid the bad ones, cheap shampoos can cause serious hair breakage and remove the hair dye quickly, and it is preferred to use special shampoos for dyed hair.

Moisturise with good hair conditioner:

Use excessive amounts of hair conditioner three days before dying your hair to keep it moisturized and supple so it can deeply absorb the dye molecules more easily.

Do not let the sun rays ruin your hair colour:

Getting exposed to the direct sun rays for long periods is the main factor that causes colour fading to your new hair dye. This is due to the high energy Ultra violate rays that is harmful to your hair and skin. Therefore, make sure you apply sun blockers cosmetics to protect your hair or skin against harmful sun rays. If you do not have such products readily available wear a hat or a headscarf to block the harmful sun rays.

Use hair cosmetics specially formulated for dyed hair:

Some women believe that using high quality shampoos and conditioners would be sufficient to maintain the shininess of their dyed hair, yet contrary to their expectations the results most often are disappointing. This is because those fine products are not designed for the purpose of protecting the colour of your hair dye. Therefore, you need to choose among the types of shampoos and conditioners that are designed to protect the colour of dyed hair whereby they wrap the hair strands with a protective layer to shield it against external harmful factors. Shampoos with strong cleaning power should be also avoided as they work on fading out your hair colour completely.

Protect your hair from harmful swimming pool chlorine:

You can spend your nice summer holiday and have your hair protected at the same time. Despite the harmful effect of swimming pool water on your because of the chlorine it contain as well as other minerals, you still have the power to protect your dyed hair colour by simply applying protective conditioner to your hair before swimming or by wearing swimming cap. Otherwise, you will suffer from fading hair colour or the appearance of light green and orange colours on your hair.

Reduce the number hair washes with shampoo:

Washing hair with shampoos is considered to be the most affecting factor that works on removing the colour of your dyed hair even if it is done unnoticeably. However, you can solve this problem by using shampoos designed to protect your dyed hair colour or by washing your hair with phosphate free shampoos in addition to using conditioners designed for to protect your dyed hair colour which work on enriching your dyed hair colour.

Pay attention the water temperature:

If excessive use of shampoos lead to the fading of your dyed hair colour, hot water cause a complete damage to your hair colour. Therefore, you have to commit yourself to use lukewarm water when washing your hair and finish by rinsing your hair with cold water this will work on closing the pores and preserve moisture within your hair and scalp.


Limit the use of hot styling tools:

As hot water damages your dyed hair colour, hot styling tools do very much the same. Therefore, try your best not let your hair be subjected to heat as much as possible. And if you are obliged to use such tools do not forget to apply heat protective cosmetics prior to showering.

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