Take care of your hair under the headscarf

Take care of your hair under the headscarf

Although, head scarfs protect your hair against the harsh environmental factors not taking care of your hair under the head scarf may result in many complications the most obvious of which is hair thinning from the front which may happen due to backward hair pulling throughout the day which can be easily prevented together with many other problems by adopting the following advices:

  • Secure well the headscarf on your head to prevent it from moving forward or backward, which may lead to hair breakage in the front section.
  • Avoid tying the hair tightly and use accessories made of cotton instead of the metallic ones.
  • Take your time in selecting the fabrics for your headscarf it is strongly recommended to use sweat absorbent garments such as cotton which let your hair breathe when it is covered.
  • Dry your hair completely before wearing the headscarf as covering your hair while wet will lead to hair loss.
  • Pay attention to how clean is your headscarf, it should be changed on a daily basis.

Maintain your hair by trimming its ends every 45 days and only use the cosmetic products that suit your hair type. In case you noticed any abnormal hair loss take the issue seriously and seek medical advice from a specialist as this could be the result of a certain malfunction within the body.

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