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Four tips to stylize your wet hair before bedtime

Your hair can be in its best status as you wish it to be if you take care of it at night and follow the proper methods to style it after shower. We shall present to you in the following the best ways to style your wet hair at night in order to have your favourite hair style whatever type of hair you have.

To make the thick wavy hairstyle:

The best way to style wet hair at night to get the thick waves you desire is by styling it into tight braids. Divide your hair into two or three sections depends on the thickness of your hair. Then twist braid each section making sure it is tight enough from the scalp to the hair ends. Leave your hair to dry naturally overnight then undo your hair braid in the morning and watch your hair getting indulged with natural and most beautiful waves.

To make the lite wavy hairstyle:

To get lite waves for your hair you need to make a loose braid after shower.  Start by applying serum to all of your hair then divide it into two sections and style it in a loose braid. Just by undoing the braid in the morning you will get surprised that you have the beach wavy hair look.

To make the straight hairstyle:

Yes you can have the straight hairstyle at night! After washing your hair, dry it using a hair dryer by directing the blow from the scalp towards the hair ends. Now divide your hair into three sections then roll each section around large hair rollers and secure them well with pins. Blow the hair again with the hair dryer for few minutes and wrap your head with a silky headscarf before going to sleep. Undo the hair rollers in the morning and enjoy your amazing straight hairstyle.

In case large hair rollers are not readily available divide your hair horizontally into two sections one bigger than the other. Flip the bigger section to the front and brush it well with a hairbrush then bring it to the right side and wrap it around your head and secure it with hair pins. Brush the lower section of your hair then group it with the hair ends of the upper section and continue wrapping it around your head to the left side and secure it well with hair pins. Finish the process by wrapping your hair with a silky headscarf before bedtime then remove it in the morning.

For huge thick hairstyle:

You do not need to visit to a beauty salon to get huge and thick hairstyle of the superstar Beyoncé! All you have to do is to divide your wet hair into small sections and loop each section like donut and secure it with hairpins. Make sure you wrap your head with a silky headscarf overnight and undo your hair in the morning to get surprised how your hair became huge and thick as you dreamt it to be.

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