Hair Care After Showering

Hair Care After Showering

You can safely dry your hair in a correct way through simple and easy steps without harming it or causing hair breakage.

To dry your hair properly you need to follow a number of steps:

  • You need to dry the extra water in a gentle way by the use of soft towel.
  • Do not apply to your hair sticky styling cosmetics such as gel or mousse as they attract dust and particles that affects the health and shininess of your hair.
  • Only use the hair dryer for a short period of time. Brush it with a midum sized brush either flat or round with the help of the hot air from your hair dryer.
  • Devide your hair into two large sections, then start by brushing the first section from the roots towards its ends by using both of the brush and the hair dryer then do the same to the second section of your hair. Repeat the same steps as needed.
  • Start by drying the lower part of your hair then move upward to ease the process and to give it volume.
  • Use the brush to lift your hair while directing the hair dryer to blow from the roots towards the hair ends. Brush the hair slowly along its length while maintaining a good grip.
  • If you want to incorporate some wavy sections into your hair style you can use the round brush to role it till its ends. It is preferred to keep the hair rolled as long as possible to make it hold its shape after releasing it.
  • Do your desired hair style after finishing the drying step.
  • Apply heat protection spray prior to using electric hair dryer.

Follow the above steps to dry your hair safely as they provide protection against many harmful factors while looking healthy with unmatched shininess.

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