Nine Tips for Improving Your Immunity

  1. Stay Active: People who practice cardiovascular exercises have a higher white blood cell count that fights against attackers in your blood stream. Exercise also helps to convert immunity-building nutrients into their useful forms.
  2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet: Hungry and malnourished bodies are much more susceptible to diseases than a well fed and healthy body. The same goes for overweight bodies as they face trouble distributing those essential immunity building nutrients to the needed areas.
  3. Keep your vitamin levels up: They’re a part of any good diet and they are essential for a healthy and strong immune system. Vitamin A, all the B vitamin compounds and vitamin E are particularly good at building and maintaining your immune system.
  4. Stay clean: Stay clean to stop harmful bacterias getting anywhere near your body and immune system in the first place.
  5. Get out and about: Going out exposes you to fresh air and sunshine, two fairly everyday things that have been proven to aid the immune system.
  6. Let nature take its course: Naturally exposing your body to small amounts of minor bacteria and viruses allows it to build up an immunity to those agents. Keeping your children extra clean and isolated can be bad for them. A natural and gradual exposure to bacteria, particularly well for kids, who catch little bugs off each-other and become immune to them easily.
  1. Get your immunizations: A pretty obvious tip. Take special care before travelling.
  2. Don’t smoke excessively: Smoking destroys the essential lining of the lungs that keeps out the infections.
  3. Get a good amount of sleep: Your immune system restores itself during sleep, so it’s important to get seven to eight hours sleep per night for an average adult to stay healthy. Rest well after illness as well.

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