Pregnancy and Exercise: An Easy Guide!

Exercising during the pregnancy period is important, but it must be of the right type. Extreme exercises and contact sports should be avoided.

Generally, it is advised to practice a 30-45 minutes exercising routine everyday.

Here are a few types of exercises that are suitable for each trimester of pregnancy:

First Trimester (1st-3rd month)

A good range of suitable exercises that helps the body stay fit, improves overall health and mood in general, like cycling, jogging, swimming, aerobics and gentle weight workouts.

Second Trimester (4th-6th month)

Exercises that help to burn excess energy and prevent weight gain like Thoracic rotations and pelvic tilts, along with a few cardio workouts.

Third Trimester (7th month- Delivery)

Exercises that help to ease delivery like simple aerobic, stretches and yoga with a focus on the abdomen and pelvis, along with a gentle full body cardio.

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