Corporate Governance

Since 2004, when Nahdi was converted from a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company, several important initiatives have been undertaken to develop and strengthen the company’s governance structure. A professional team of highly-experienced senior executives was appointed to run Nahdi, and to support their efforts a comprehensive corporate governance structure with policies and procedures was enacted. Central to this structure is an Internal Audit Department that reports directly to the Board of Directors and to three independent committees, collectively allowing for the effective monitoring and oversight of Nahdi’s executive team. The committees and membership are:

Nomination & Compensation Committee

The Compensation & Nomination Committee focuses on a few strategic areas, as per the mission assigned to it by the Board of Directors:

- Makes regular reviews of the Board of Directors (BoD) membership, aiming to have the right skills and diversity.

- Defines compensation policies for the BoD, and for the other Committees (CNC and Audit)

- Monitors the overall Company’s compensation and benefits policies and schemes, aiming to keep NMC competitive with the market. This should enable - NMC to attract and retain the best talents.

- Monitors Succession plans, to ensure sustainability of the operations, and people readiness for future strategic assignments.

Audit Committee

Audit Committee's roles & responsibilities are to assist Nahdi’s board of directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the integrity of the company’s financial statements, company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and the performance of the company’s internal audit function and independent auditors.
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