From modest beginning 26 years ago, Nahdi Medical Company has grown dramatically to become the largest retail pharmacy chain in the Middle East and North Africa. Starting with two small pharmacies in Jeddah was the foundation for what has since become a nation-wide network of more than 700 branches. In 1986, Sheikh Abdullah Amer Al Nahdi acquired one store in the city’s Jamea district and other in Al Safa – and so began a remarkable journey of expansion that has completely redefined the retail pharmacy market in Saudi Arabia.
By providing better accessibility to prescription medicines and over-the-counter drugs – presented in bigger and well-planned stores with friendly customer service always an essential ingredient – Nahdi went from strength to strength.
Cosmetics, baby care, and medical equipment were added to further expand the product range, and customers took the new concept to heart. By 2004, the Nahdi chain had grown 200 outlets, a milestone figure at the time, but one that was to prove only a staging post in the spectacular growth trajectory.
Less than six years later, the number of pharmacies had more than trebled, serving about 60 million customers annually in more than 75 cities.

Our Vision

Be and be recognized as the pioneers in helping communities live a healthier and more beautiful life.

Our Mission

The leading provider of the best products and services that improve the well-being of the communities we serve. We strive for excellence and attract the best talents, we maximize shareholder value and are good corporate citizens.

Our Values

- Integrity

- Interdependence

- Leading Change

- Commitment

- Excellence

Our Brand

Nahdi brand mark expresses the idea of protecting and caring for both the individual and the community. At the centre of the mark is a white heart, pure and healthy. The white heart is protected by a heartshaped shield made of a multitude of colors — representing the many divisions of the Nahdi network which work as one to safeguard the heart within.

(Baby Care, Beauty, Health and Wellness, Everyday Essentials, Promotional Activities)


2014   Launch of  Nuhdeek Loyalty Program

2013 Launch of new brand

2012 Opening of pharmacy No. 600

2011 Opening of pharmacy No 500
New Demand and supply system
Implementation new HR policies & compensation & benefits scheme

2010 Oracle implementation
Launch of S&OP project
Launch of EDGE project

2009 Pharmacy No 400 opened
Implementation of Visual Merchandising System
Implementation of Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR)

2008 Launch of E-retail project

2007 Launch of Nahdi's Vision, Mission and Values
Major revamp of supply chain

2006 Bandar Hamooh appointed CEO and company-wide restructure efforts begin
Launch of the new pharmacy project and opening of pharmacy No 300

2004 Opened pharmacy No 200
Nahdi converted from a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company

2003 SEDCO buys 50 percent stake in Nahdi

1986 Nahdi is established as a sole proprietorship

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